Saturday, February 8, 2014

A little while back i arrived home from a dream trip to Mexico, Central America and New York City.
Sooo many beautiful colours, shapes and textures to inspire my work. 
Textiles featured heavily in my travels, i wanted to bring them all home with me!
Below are some of my photos from Mexico..... 

 So many different varieties of chilli in the market

 On a little visit to a textile workshop where we shown the many ways and shades of colour created by the cochineal beetle that feeds on a special type of cactus.  Different acidic and basic organic ingredients are added to change the red to purple or yellow, such as lime juice or salt.

Paradise beach in Tulum, definitely the most beautiful beach I've ever have the pleasure to visit 

 Oaxaca, the way i pictured Mexico in the mind...loads of museums, good food, street festivities and colour.

 Teotihuacan, old Mayan ruins a little bit north of Mexico city, awe inspiring

 Taxco, Silver city, or as I like to refer to it, 'Magic City'.  Gorgeous cobble stone windy streets full of shops selling jewellery.  What a dream. 

 Frida Kahlos brushes and paint,  and her kitchen (below), demonstrate the bold colours of Mexico.

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